Marina del Fezzano rises in perhaps one of the most enchanting areas of the Tyrrhenian coast. It belongs to the Municipality of Portovenere, in the province of La Spezia, where it is still possible to leisurely stroll and enjoy a typically Ligurian atmosphere. The brightly coloured houses huddle close together overlooking the sea, separated by narrow streets that offer glimpses of breathtaking landscape. Marina del Fezzano is just a short distance from typical restaurants, bars, food shops and a newsagent. A pharmacy and a bank are around 2 kilometres away.

On the road to Portovenere, around 3 kilometres from Fezzano, rises the village of Le Grazie, situated in a beautiful natural bay where Cantiere Valdettaro is situated.
The beauty of Portovenere is well known to both Italian and foreign tourists. The small town can be easily reached by sea or land, thanks to an all-year-round bus service (more frequent during the summer). The characteristic medieval village of Portovenere rises on high ground surrounded by the sea and is bordered by the walls of an ancient castle built by the Genoese. The church of St. Peter is particularly striking: it was built on the sea and visitors can catch sight of Isola Palmaria from its tower. The island can be easily reached even by non-boat owners thanks to a public boat service.   
A trip to the Cinque Terre is also a must, just a few minutes train journey from Marina del Fezzano. The closest railway station is La Spezia, just six kilometres away.