Marina del Fezzano is provided with 250 berths for boats up to 25 metres. Each berth is equipped with water and electric supply points.

The quays are illuminated and provided with fire and safety equipment provided for by existing legislation. A mooring service is also available (VHF channel 9) supported by 2 inflatable boats.

Berth owners can use the open or sheltered car park available inside the Marina.





Berths: 250 moored to the pier
Maximum length: 25 metres
Depth at quay: 6 metres

Access to the harbour:  Vessels are required to call on VHF channel 9. There are two entrances, a south entrance (Portovenere) and a north entrance (Fezzano), both specifically marked on the piers.

Type of mooring: Deadweight. It is mandatory to call on VHF (channel 9) for mooring assistance.

Bottom: Muddy.            
Beacons: Fixed red lights. The North entrance is marked by fixed red lights at the end of piers A and E. The South entrance is marked by a fixed red light at the head of pier D. Fixed red lights are also located at the South edge and at the head of pier B.

Reserved areas: Piers. The piers are identified with letters A, B, C, D and E. They are all floating piers. Piers A and B are made of wood while the others (C, D and E) of concrete.

Shelter from winds: SW, NW
Prevailing wind: SW
Danger when entering and exiting the harbour: Works in progress. At the South entrance be careful of 2 floating piers signalled by a fixed white light.