Marina del Fezzano is the result of the first green floating harbour in Italy, widely published in leading journals of the sector, including “Nautica”.
The floating pier structure allows sea water recirculation. 

Since November 2012, Marina del Fezzano has been party to the Protocollo di Intesa progetto Regionale Marittimo TPE – Carta dei Servizi Turistici ed Ambientali (Agreement Protocol for the TPE Regional Maritime project – Charter of Tourist and Environmental Services).

Our business pays thorough attention to environmental issues and especially endeavours to prevent even the smallest possible damage to the environment. For this purpose, we use the following technologies:

– settlement tanks that, thanks to specific flocculates, collect the wastewater generated when washing vessel hulls and prevent the discharge of polluting substances into the sea.

– suction machines equipped with active carbon filters for capturing the vapour emitted when applying antifoulants or paint using solvents.